These pictures were left over when I closed my gallery. They are all in perfect condition and ready to ship. I have included pictures at the bottom showing the construction. Where the pictures come together there is a spacer between the picture and the glass and another one between the frame and the foam core backing. The photos are genuine Fujichrome photos from three separate 4x5" film sheets. They are extremely sharp and colorful. The sizes are 27x26", 24x26",and 27x26". Total length is 80" with 3/4" spacing. They come with wall hooks. The price has been lowered from $375 to $320 to close out, and shipping is still $30 which is at least what it costs me. Fuji photographic paper is very fade resistant. They will last at least 50 years. The pictures below are the actual pictures except for the Japanese Garden. (Only white left ).

3pc=blosms=lft.jpg (177085 bytes)3pc=blosms=mid.jpg (191117 bytes)3pc=blosms=rte.jpg (210674 bytes)

Available in white mat as shown (actual picture) One left in excellent condition. Click to enlarge



  ga-3-pc-j-gdn-left.jpg (323098 bytes)ga-3-pc-j-gdn-mid.jpg (216110 bytes)ga-3-pc-j-gdn-rite.jpg (3449956 bytes)

Available in white mat board only. One left in excellent condition. Click to enlarge



  ga-3-pc-gorge-left.jpg (169331 bytes)ga-3-pc-gorge-mid.jpg (150941 bytes)ga-3-pc-gorge-rite.jpg (186147 bytes)


Above 3-piece not presently available


 3-pce-r-plc-snow.jpg (25554 bytes)    Riverplace with snow is not presently available (Panoramic only)

3-pce-port-hd-sun.jpg (56402 bytes)   Portland, sun streak

Available in light tan mat board as shown. All pictures in excellent condition. Click to enlarge.

  Portland, sunset

Available in the dark blue mats as shown or with white mat boards. Click actual picture below to enlarge.

Inside and outside spacers are shown below, they keep the picture in place where there is no mat. Notice the detail in the 20x24" photo.

Click to enlarge


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